Art of Reading

Utilizing Augmented Reality to Teach, Learn, and Bring to Life the Art of Reading.

girl reading book
girl reading book
person holding pile of books near face
person holding pile of books near face


Art of Reading began as an artificial intelligence program that could read any book and present an associated augmented story.  However, the scope of that project was overreaching for the allotted timeline and had to be re-evaluated. As a result, Art of Reading evolved to become an AI-driven game, capable of producing a learning puzzle, based on any word or object that was observed.

For complete project details, check out my SIP Brief page.

A quick look at my product.

Initial Concept

Student Innovation Pitch

Using machine vision to read and bring words to life.

Initial Prototype

Manually mapping images for every word in the English language would be unsustainable and unachievable. This model was created, after a couple of weeks of AR training, to represent my conceptual prototype.

Please feel free to review all of the supporting documentation, on my
 SIP BRIEF page, as well as the similar, current market products, linked below.

Current Market / Prior Art